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Winterizing Your Outdoor Compost

With winter fast approaching, it is important to know how to keep your outdoor compost bin protected from the elements. This will ensure you have active compost to use in the spring!

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The City of Vancouver’s Expanded Food Scraps Program

As Vancouver strives to become ‘the greenest city by 2020’, composting and keeping green waste out of the landfills are important steps towards achieving this prestigious title. Therefore, a few weeks ago, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson announced an expansion of the food scraps program throughout the city.

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“Join the Movement and Start Growing!”

Have you always wanted to grow your own herbs and leafy greens but are tight for space? Do you want to grow organic food but don’t know where to start? Well Urban Cultivator has a solution for you.

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UBC is Home to "The Greenest Building in the World"

Dr. John Robinson, also known as 'Dr. Sustainability' has made his life long dream a reality. Located on the UBC campus, the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability is net positive in energy, water, operational carbon, and structural carbon. Through carbon sequestration, water recycling and energy harvesting, this building is being called "the greenest building in the world."

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Important Urban Agriculture Project To Be Started In Vancouver

Great news regarding urban agriculture in Vancouver this month! The company Alterrus has chosen Vancouver as the first location to host their Verticrop system, which includes over 3000 trays of planted seeds, stacked 12 high, on rotating conveyor belts. This soon-to-be carbon dioxide reducing garden space is located at 535 Richards street, on top of the EasyPark garage roof.

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Growing City Named Game Changer on CBC's Hit Show Dragon's Den!

CBC's hit show Dragon's Den has recently listed Growing City as a Game Changer for their upcoming season 7! We are so proud of CEO and founder Lisa von Sturmer and the entire Growing City team for all of their hard work and dedication in making the company such a success. Check here for more information and a link to the interview!

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Welcome to Marina! Our AWESOME new Community Ambassador

I'd like you all to meet Marina! She’ll be helping the Growing City team with our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as working on the blog. She's a fourth year Geography with Environmental Specialty student at SFU, and is currently finishing up an eight-month work term with Environment Canada.

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Forum for Women Entrepreneurs e-Series 2012



I'm very excited to mention that I've recently been accepted to the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs exciting 2012 e-Series!

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The 2011 G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been chosen as a Canadian delegate for the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit that is happening later this month in Nice, France.  Travelling with the CYBF (who have led the way for Canada's participation in this exciting initiative) and 33 other young entrepreneurs from across Canada, we will meet with other delegates from G20 nations to discuss policy that best encourages youth to seek entrepreneurship as a career choice.  We'll share what Canada is doing right and we'll learn about

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A Fresh Start!

Welcome to the NEW Growing City! There's been quite a few changes over the past month and I'm excited to share what we've been working on to make your composting experience even better :D

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Growing City Featured in Vancouver Sun - Again!

A piece in the Vancouver Sun about Growing City's win at the Small Business BC Awards! June 11, 2010

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Growing City Featured in Vancouver Sun

Growing City and client AMEC featured in the Vancouver Sun - May 21, 2010

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Growing City Featured in BIV Blue Series

Here we are in Business in Vancouver's fantastic Colour Series!  BLUE Edition 2010

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Growing City in the National Post

Check us out in this article that appeared in the National Post's Financial Post section - August 31, 2010

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Growing City in BC Business

Growing City and our 2010 Small Business BC Business Concept Award in BC Business magazine!  October 2010

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Growing City on Global Regina

Growing City gets profiled on Global Regina! June 15, 2010

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Growing City in String Magazine

Growing City gets featured in String Magazine! March 10, 2010

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Growing City helps build an orchard - join us!!

There is an orchard being built in East Van and we're thrilled to invite you to be a part of its creation!

Currently a mixture of offices, industrial buildings and expanses of concrete, the heart of the Great Northern Way Campus will be transformed into a community-based orchard, with up to 80 fruit and nut trees!

The goal for the orchards is to provide nutritious (and delicious!) food to the local community as well as a space for engaging people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Celebrate Earth Day 2011 with Growing City!

Come down to the World in a Garden to celebrate Earth Day 2011! Growing City is proud to sponsor the World

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Our day with EYA - gardeners and giant worms unite!

What a fantastic day! The rain stayed away and we got to experience the first weekend of spring al-fresco! Check out our Spring Celebration pics for a breath of fresh air :)

We welcomed the warmer weather with the Environmental Youth Alliance and an awesome group of volunteer gardeners. We sowed seeds, secured paths, donated compost and got rid of a whole lot of weeds using spades, forks and spoons. No weedicides here! ...


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