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Growing City at Eco Fashion Week 2011

Eco Fashion Week has combined forces with AVEDA (and GC!) to bring you a fashion experience that respects style and the Earth.

EFW brings together designers, buyers, models (who only eat organic or local during the shows), agencies, fashion directors, trend setters and media, to create an event that nurtures and promotes the best in eco-fashion.

We're really looking forward to seeing Jason Matlo tomorrow at the Shangri La Hotel!! See his amazing work here:

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Tu B'Shvat: Earth Day circa 1600

Scholars believe that Tu BiSh'vat was originally an agricultural festival, marking the emergence of spring. Today, Tu BiSh'vat is celebrated alongside a tree planting festival in Israel that has inspired Israelis and Jews around the world plant trees in honour or in memory of a loved one or friend.

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Solar power money honey!

Check it out! Vancouver is giving home owners $3000 towards solar panels.

Find out all about it online at the City of Vancouver's website!

To check the suitability of your site and roof design click here! This simple, free service is made available by SolarBC.

Note: Your home’s hot water system must be heated by gas to qualify for this initiative.

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The Buschlen Mowatt Gallery with all the fixins!

The Buschlen Mowatt Gallery is cooking up a traditional turkey dinner to support The Lookout Emergency Aid Society. Feast on all the fixings, while surrounded by beautiful art and the music of local jazz greats Don Stewart and June Katz, as well as art director of the VOC Soul Gospel Choir, Checo Tohomaso.

The Lookout Emergency Aid Society offers solutions to homelessness. They provide shelter, outreach, mentoring and innovative programs that help Vancouverites who don't have a place to live.

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Qs & Awesomes! Green Catering

Who can help me 'green' my office catering?

We are very lucky to have a group of green-minded caterers, bakers and food connoisseurs in Vancouver. Read on for some of our favourite catering options in the city. We've got your lunch, dinner and hand-made cookies covered!


OnePlanet Caterting

OnePlanet Caterting creates menus that go from potato croquettes to mini buffalo burgers. They use organic ingredients and incorporate artisan production skills, and environmentally responsible packaging.

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Winter Warmup - the eco way

It's chilly out there! These jackets will keep you toasty (and powered up, in some cases) while boosting your eco-friendly feel good factor.

Silvr Lining

These modern looking jackets have a boxy 90s vibe (so hot right now) combined with a style and ipod boosting solar panel in the front pocket. Awesome.



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Recycle Your Christmas Trees at the UBC Botanical Garden

While we always recommend living christmas trees or re-usable ones  - for those of you that are transitioning away from the cut live versions, here's your chance to let them live on!

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The City's Alive, People.... Alive!

Check out a cool conference on green roofs and walls from Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2010!

Not only are they beautiful and oftentimes a great way to fill empty concrete with productive green space - but they can also help offset C02 and create urban agriculture spaces.

This conference has a more interactive approach in that there are local tours, planned networking sessions, training courses and GRP accreditation examinations as well. Check out the link below to learn more and see Gregor's endorsement!

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2011 Growing City Secret Santa Green Gift Guide!

The holidays are almost here - hooray! There's chocolate all over the office, some people have decorated their cubicles, its dark by 4pm. Secret Santa is on his way! So in the spirit of holiday office giving, we decided to skip the gag-gifts and find some items people can really use.  Here's our picks for Secret Santa green gifts that people will actually like - for reals. Enjoy!

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Sharing our story with Small Business BC!

Last week we were included in Small Business BC's Panel of Young Entrepreneurs seminar. We told our entrepreneurial story and helped answer questions from inspiring business owners. Our talk coincided with CYBF's Global Entrepreneurship Week. More than 10 million people from more than 100 countries participate!

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Volunteer with GC + Stanley Park Ecology Society

Stanley Park is one of Vancouver's great escapes. Larger than New York City's Central Park, Stanley Park is home to over 200km of trails and approximately half a million trees. This Sunday, November 28, we invite you to join Growing City and the Stanley Park Ecological Society as we plant the good plants and remove the bad, invasive species that grow alongside them. Click on Lord Stanley for more details!

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Eastside Cultural Crawl 2010

It's that time again! The Eastside Cultural Crawl is this weekend and is featuring one of our favourite Vancouver photographers, Shane Oosterhoff at Railtown Studios. Railtown Studios is a great place to go if you want to see a bunch of artists without having to brave the elements.


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Growing City's 2nd Annual Litter Pick-up Party!

While participating in Growing City's 2nd Annual Litter Pick-up Party, you may ask yourself, "Am I helping to keep our shorelines clean or am I having the best litter experience of my life?"


Well, we think both would be true and we are excited to show you just how organic coffee, park prizes and cupcakes can turn an amusing commitment into an outdoor indulgence!


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Evergreen 2.0

Last month Growing City and Evergreen battled it out against the invasive species who have taken hold of Mahon Park. We managed to free many indigenous plants from the clutches of English ivy and Himalayan blackberry, however there is more to be done!
Saturday, August 28th, 2010
All tools, gloves, and plenty of refreshments are provided.
We are helping remove invasive species and care for the park!
9am-12pm Mahon Park
North Vancouver, BC
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Small Business BC Tuning Up Your Business Plan

We recently sat on a panel for Small Business BC's Tune Up Your Business Plan seminar. We had a great time and learned a lot from other panelists Snugabelle and CityMax!

It wasn't too long ago that it was us in the audience at a SBBC program so it was really exciting - and special - to see things come full circle. Thank you Small Business BC - we heart you!

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Vancouver's Best Green Patios

Summer might be winding down - but before we accept the 6 months of rain that's coming our way let's soak up some quality time on Vancouver's best green patios! 
Serving up sustainable, local delicacies from our oceans, C Restaurant is exactly what you think - delicious fresh seafood served in a sexy setting.  The name's getting me all alliteration-y with excitement!
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Green Team Q + Awesomes, Part 2!

"Do you have any other suggestions for how to motivate people to work together on a green program?"


I have a sure-fire way to get team spirit rising and it's probably not what you're thinking.  The best way to get people to work together is.... competition.  Well, "friendly" competition.  Inter-departmental competition to be exact.  Nothing gets people pumped and on board like a little healthy "my team vs your team". 


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David's Playing for Keeps!

David Suzuki isn't just a green icon - he's a hipster icon too! And the David has tapped into his niche following for an awesome new initiative: a sustainability anthem to motivate people to get on the green train.

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Sunday Funday!

Looking for a great way to get the kids excited about food and where it comes from? (Or just trying to learn the basics yourself? Hey, it's all good - I grew up in the city too ;D ) Every Sunday, the City Square Garden across from City Hall is open to the public - and especially youngsters! - to teach you all how fun, rewarding and easy food gardening can be.

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Vancouver's Top Picnic Spots!

Finally!  Picnic season is upon us.  Here are our favorite blanket covered resting places.


Sunset Beach (English Bay's bigger, grassier, less drum-circle-y cousin)

plus: local food, public bathrooms, space to roam, quiet


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