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Waste Management, Audit & Rentals in Greater Vancouver

Our Flexible Waste Management Programmes are designed with your needs and space in mind.

Finally have a waste collection provider that has award winning customer service focused on making sure your needs are met - in a simple, ethical and transparent manner.

But where does all this waste go?
With our recycling programs and waste audit, we will ensure as little waste goes into the trash bin! However, some things just can’t be recycled and so they end up in the ‘ol landfill.  Most of Metro Vancouver’s waste is sent to the Delta or Cache Creek landfills.

However, some of the waste goes to a local Waste to Energy facility.  This trash is incinerated and converted into electricity for BC residents!  Enough electricity is generated to power 16,000 homes or business.

Waste or Recyclable?

If you’d like to ensure as little waste as possible goes to the landfill or incinerator, contact us about our waste audit program!

We service Vancouver City, as well as Greater Vancouver including Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, White Rock, Delta and more, so contact us today!

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Recycling Services

We'll sort out all your recycling and composting program needs!

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Waste Services

Get a Waste Removal Program that actually works for you.

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clutter & junk removal

Commercial & residential clutter and junk removal and recycling

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event services

Big or small, we'll take care of your event waste & recycling logistics - so you can focus on everything else!

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compostable products

Make an impact on your total waste by trying compostable products in your home or office.

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waste audits

Find more opportunities to achieve your Zero Waste targets!

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waste consulting

Transform your waste room into one that makes sense!

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waste room optimization

Transform your waste room into on that makes sense!

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Flexible Contracts

Flexible service plans. Need to go up or down by a bin? No problem! We'll adjust to your needs with only 72 hours notice required.

Diversion Metrics

We know that tracking your waste diversions is important to you - that's why we provide you with your Diversion Update. Track your CO2 diversions, total waste and more!

Friendliest Team in the Industry

Our service team prides itself on being the friendliest in the industry - expect smiles and friendly greetings when you see us on the truck or speak to us on the phone.

Clean Convenience

We know you want simple, clean and convenient service - that's why we make sure to reline your bin with compostable liners at each service, and keep the bin neat and tidy for your use.

Ninja Fleet

Our nimble fleet is smaller and quieter and able to go where most big trucks can't. We'll be in and out in a flash!

Organics Experts

We've been specializing in organics collection since 2009. We can get even the most reluctant composters in your office or building engaged with an effective and easy organics recycling program!

Get Started Today.

We'll send you a free customized service plan that suits yours needs!
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