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Recycling and Waste Management FAQ

Ask us anything!

Find our most frequently asked questions below.
If you have a question that’s not listed, give us a call at 1.855.932.6676 and we’ll be happy to help!

What can I put in my organics recycling bin?

You can put almost anything organic in your Compo-Capsule (Organics Bin).   If you’re wondering about an item – ask us!  We’re more than happy to talk shop.

• Coffee filters and coffee grounds
• Tea leaves and tea bags
• Paper napkins
• Soiled paper towel
• Fruits and vegetables (and their peels and pits)
• Bread, pasta and grains
• Flowers and Plants
• Egg Shells
• Compostable cutlery, cups and plates
• Paper cups (of any kind)

Not accepted:
• Plastic (including non-compostable plastic bags)
• Metal
• Glass
• Liquids
• Gum
• Styrofoam

Some Premium Service clients may prefer to avoid putting meat, fish or bones into their Compo-Capsule as these items have the most potential to cause odours.

Can I choose my collection day?

One of our values at Growing City is Sustainable Growth, which means that we try to grow our business in a way that enhances our community and environment. Our bin pick-up routes are designed with this in mind, trying to reduce our carbon footprint and gas emissions as much as possible.  

For this reason, we may not be able to accommodate your request for your bin to be picked-up on a specific day if we are not servicing your area on that given day.We will however keep you request in mind and, if anything ever changes, we'll let you know!

Can I get an extra pickup?

If you know in advance that you are having an office shindig, a pumpkin carving extravaganza, or a chicken wing eating contest, we have had experience with all these and more and found that the best way to make sure your extra compost or recycling gets collected asap is to call us in advance so we can properly schedule that into our routes. This is what we would call an additional collection and the fee for that depends on the size of your bin.  Please call us at least 72 hrs in advance.

Don't forget to send us pictures of your event, we always like seeing those :) !

If you need an additional bin because your team are kicking butt recycling their containers, paper and / or organics - give us a call and our sales team will make sure to adjust your program accordingly!

What's the difference between Compostable vs. Biodegradable?

That is a GREAT question!

The difference between compostable and biodegradable is that the biodegradable product still has a small percentage of petroleum-based plastic in it which means that it won’t fully decompose in the compost pile.

The compostable product however is made out of 100% natural materials and therefore, will fully breakdown in the composting process.

Do you take electronic payments?

Yes, we do!

Growing City is making a HUGE push to become a 100% paperless company and taking electronic payments not only saves our clients time and money, but also prevents trees from being wasted.

We accept:
• Monthly recurring credit card payment
• EFT payments, initiated by Growing City (We’ll send you the form and set you up with our Canadian, certified secure partner
• EFT payments, initiated by you! (Just let us know and we’ll provide our banking information)

Ways to get the most out of your Recycling Program (mixed containers and mixed paper)

Tip #1 –  Give your plastic, metal and class containers a quick rinse before putting them in the recycling, that would go a very long way in ensuring that your program stays pleasant to use and, odour free!

Tip #2 – Squish to save! By squishing your recycling, you are creating more space for the other materials and, more opportunity to recycle even more, for the same cost! Same goes for your cardboard boxes

Tip #3 – If your document has any confidential information, it should be shredded

Ways to make Organics Recycling with Growing City even better!

Composting with Growing City is already as simple, clean and convenient as it gets – but here are some easy tips to make things even better:

• Clean out your fridge on pick-up day! (This seems pretty self explanatory, but a good tip nonetheless! )

• Surprisingly, cut flowers are the biggest culprit in regards to potential smell – who knew?  Change their water regularly and make sure to put them in your bin as close to pick-up day as possible.

• Keep fruit in the fridge!  Keeping these goodies on the counter is a great way to attract unwanted natural guests to hang out in your kitchen.

• Wrap your food-scraps in a compostable bag or in newspaper (the carbon in the newspaper helps mitigate the odours)

• Sprinkle some banking soda in the bin.

• Refrigerate your meat, fish or bones and dump them in the compost bin only on your pick-up day.

What happens if my bin is damaged or stolen?

If your Compo-Capsule is damaged or in need of repair, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!  We’ll do our best to switch it out in 48 hours.  For totes, we do have chains and locks available.  We recommend locking totes placed in unsecured areas as if it is stolen, charges may be applied for the cost of the bin and a delivery service charge.

What are your bin sizes for in the office?

Our individualized bins come in a 50L, 30L and a 10L size. If you require a communal bin system, let us know your space parameters and we’ll find the right bin for you!

How often are my bins emptied?

Most clients require a weekly pick-up, however we do service clients up to daily if they require it.  Our team will work with you to tailor your program to your specific needs.  We’re also very flexible – if you require to go up or down a bin due to your usage, we can address that for you directly.

What if our bins are filling up too quickly?

If you find that your team is filling up your bins too quickly you may need to go up a bin size or increase your pick-up frequency.  We’re very flexible here at Growing City, give us a call and we’ll create a customized service plan to suit your growing needs!

What kind of bags do you use?

We use certified compostable locally-sourced bags.

Who owns the bins?

The Compo-Capsules and Totes belong to Growing City and we charge a $5 monthly rental fee for the Compo-Capsule.  This fee covers bin maintenance and repairs!

What happens if I put the wrong items in my bin or tote?

We understand that implementing a new waste program can take some time.  If the wrong material continues to go into the Compo-Capsule, Growing City staff will document the contamination and a contamination report will be sent to clients to help them address the issue.  Unfortunately, contaminated food waste will not be composted and will have to go to the landfill.  A charge will be billed for every instance of contamination after the initial warning contamination report.

Is your team bonded and insured?

Yes, every member of the Growing City team is bonded and undergoes a criminal record check before they’re hired.  We also have general liability insurance.

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