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Streetscape Collection Program

West Vancouver Streetscape Collection Program

Growing City has partnered with the District of West Vancouver to provide streetscape recycling and waste services starting March 2019.

Read below for a message from the District of West Vancouver municipality on the program.

Why this project?

The new streetside recycling bins will provide new opportunities for residents and visitors to recycle in West Vancouver business districts. Based on recent waste audit results, approximately 40% of materials from roadside bins in these areas can be recycled instead of disposed as garbage. This project is based on the successful implementation of a one-year pilot in Horseshoe Bay Village which began in 2017 and continues today (more info: westvancouver.ca/hsbrecycles ).The expansion of the pilot to other neighbourhoods was encouraged by Council last year, and approved as part of the adoption of 2019 Solid Waste Utility rates.

Where will we see new recycling bins?

At this time, the plan focuses on key commercial areas between Taylor Way and 25th Street. This includes the business areas of Dundarave and Ambleside, as well as the transit stops at Park Royal. This does not include park spaces.

Why not in parks too?

The 2017 pilot in Horseshoe Bay focused on streetscape bins, not the park, after extensive research into best practices for public realm recycling. The District has historically been cautious about public recycling bins on the streetscape or in parks because, in practice, it can be resource intensive and also very difficult to ensure that materials collected can be properly recycled due to contamination. Recycling services for busy District destination parks could be considered in the future, following success in the streetside areas and when it is clearer what resources will be required.

What is “contamination” in a recycling program?

Contamination occurs when items are incorrectly sorted and it is a key challenge of any recycling program, especially outdoor public locations such as parks and streetscapes. Research shows that people are less likely to sort correctly in public places than at home.

Not all cans between Taylor Way and 25th have been upgraded, why not?

At this time, the District is only considering upgrades to District-owned and serviced bins in the corridor. Not every garbage can located on the streetscape is owned or serviced by the District of West Vancouver. In some cases, private businesses or property owners have placed garbage cans which they service (empty) themselves. Private bin owners are welcomed to contact the District about how they might work with the District to upgrade their bins and participate in this West Vancouver streetscape recycling initiative. Additionally, some District-owned bins will not be upgraded, such as those at less frequently used transit stops. This could be because there is a very low volume of material collected in the garbage bin at that location – making a larger three-steam bin unnecessary – or because there is limited space to place a larger three stream bin at that location.

What will happen to the garbage-only bins that are being replaced?

The garbage bins will be cleaned and re-deployed in various parks locations, replacing/upgrading old and worn out or broken metal or concrete garbage bins.

Are District staff servicing these new three-stream bins? How?

No. The District has engaged a collection contractor, called Growing City, with extensive experience in collecting recycling from commercial and public areas.  Effective April 1, 2019, Growing City will be responsible for collecting materials from the new three-stream stations and recycling those materials (or disposing of the garbage). They will use a three-stream truck, with dividers that keep materials separated.

Parks Department staff who previously serviced the garbage bins in these commercial areas will continue to collect waste from West Vancouver parks, and will now also be able to focus on other important park maintenance work.

How much does this cost?

The new streetside recycling program will result in no additional costs to ratepayers at this time. This initiative is funded entirely through the District’s Solid Waste Utility, not through general taxation. Residents will see these costs as the “Public Realm Waste” line item that appears on your quarterly utility bill for your property. Every household pays approximately $12/quarter, regardless whether you live in a house or a condo.

See the image below for what can be recycled:

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