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Compostable Products

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Make an impact on your total waste.

Try out our wide selection of compostable products in your home or office.

Compostable Bags, Office Ware (Cutlery, plates, bowls, etc), Bins, Coffee pods & more!

We can source specialty items on request, just let us know what you're looking to recycle. Set up a subscription service, or order on demand!

Why use compostable products?
Employee morale
Meet your green targets
A guilt-free office
It’s good for the environment!

What are the products made from?
- Corn
- Bamboo
- Bagasse Sugarcane
- Not Petroleum!

We source compostable products from many sources, making it easy for you to find them all in one place. We ship to anywhere in the world and can deliver the products to your doorstep in Metro Vancouver including West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and more.

Contact us today and choose compostable!

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We pride ourselves on reliable and friendly service.
Whether it's recycling, organics & compost, or waste management, we've got you covered.
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