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Waste Consulting

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We'll help you create waste collection & recycling programs that work for you!

Identify best practices for Waste Diversion & Collection for events, architects, strata councils, property managers, commercial buildings & more!

Things we’ll do for you:
- Assess your waste and recycling system from policies to physical management and come up with recommendations for improvement
- Introduce your company to Zero Waste best practices
- Develop an educational package for your business
- Perform a waste audit to see what can be diverted
- Generate a report of potential waste savings

Our trucks service the Metro Vancouver region, but we can consult you wherever you are. Contact us today to get a quote, or to learn more about our Waste Consulting Services!

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We pride ourselves on reliable and friendly service.
Whether it's recycling, organics & compost, or waste management, we've got you covered.
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