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Event Services

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Big or small, we'll help your event run smoothly

We’ll take care of your event waste & recycling logistics – so you can focus on everything else.

Collection and consulting services for events - from a small company event to a large public event with over 10,000 attendees, our team has you covered.

We'll handle all logistics, including onsite event support staff!

What we’ll do for you:

- Develop a tailor-made waste and recycling management plan
- Provide all equipment needed for the event (bins, signs, dumpsters, etc)
- Manage all your waste, recycling and composting needs
- Includes onsite event support staff who empty bins and keep equipment clean
- Pick up and responsible disposal of all waste and recycling
- Supply a green report of all waste diverted

To give you an idea of what you’ll need, we recommend your event has one recycling and waste station for every 500 people at the busiest hour. You’ll also need one station per food prep station.

From pre-event to the post-cleanup, we will manage everything for you!  And we’ll do it in the greenest way possible.

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We service events in the City of Vancouver, as well as areas in and near Greater Vancouver!

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