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In-Office Services

We provide, clean and collect bins from your office with a smile.

Recycling, composting and waste management doesn’t need to be a pain.

This can also be good for your bottom line, as grants, rebates and an efficient program can save you both time and money.

From small office spaces to big corporate headquarters, we can customize a program that works for you.  

We offer a range of services including general waste service, organics recycling (composting), mixed containers, soft plastics, cardboard, paper and styrofoam recycling, junk and clutter removal, electronics (e-waste) recycling, office clean-up, waste room optimization and more.

If you’d like to know more about our office waste recycling services in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and most of the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area, contact us today!

We pride ourselves on reliable and friendly service.
Whether it's recycling, organics & compost, or waste management, we've got you covered.
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